Can Dogs Eat Bagels? Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Bagels?

picture of a dog staring at a bagel

TLDR: Yes plain bagels are safe in small quantities, but it’s not recommended. Other types of bagels like poppy seed and everything bagels can cause indigestion and other health problems. If you’re like most dog owners, you probably view your furry friend as a member of the family. And just like any other member of …

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Top 10 Best Dog Strollers (2022)

Best Dog Strollers

Are you a dog owner who likes to take your furry friend on walks to get fresh air, but hates having to carry them (like in a pet carrier) when they get tired? Do you have a senior, disabled, or injured dog but want to take them outside? Do you live in a neighborhood that’s …

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Top 10 Best Bully Stick Holders for your Pup (2022)

Best Bully Stick Holders

Looking for a new way to keep your pup entertained? Your pup loves bully sticks (or bully stick rings), but you hate having to clean up the mess they make. If you’re a pup parent, you know that one of the most important things you can do for your furry friend is making sure they …

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