How to Put on a Dog Harness for Small Dogs: Quick and Simple Guide for Any Small Dog Owner

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It is a well-known fact that dogs are man’s best friend. With all the benefits of having a dog, you might be wondering what other responsibilities come with owning one. One aspect of this is how to put on your dog’s harness correctly every time! A good harness will make it easier for your pup to walk and run without pulling or choking themselves by the leash. The following article will show how to properly measure and fit any small dog in order to ensure they are safe while out for their next adventure with you!

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Harness vs Collar for a Small Dog

baby mia the pin tzu with collar
Mia the Pin Tzu as a baby with a collar

We love our dogs, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right fit for them. Harnesses and collars are both great options, but they’re not always interchangeable. If your little guy is on the smaller side, you might want to consider using a harness instead of a collar. Here’s why!

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Using a harness means that there will be less strain on their neck when they pull or tug at their leash. It also helps prevent injuries like tracheal collapse which can happen when dogs pull too hard against their collars while being walked. Plus, it just looks cuter!

How to Size a Dog Harness for a Small Dog

If you’re looking for a dog harness, one of the first things you need to do is figure out what size your pup needs.

While there are many different types of dog harnesses on the market today, sizing can be tricky. It’s important that you get it right so that your pet stays safe and comfortable while in their new gear.

We know how confusing this process can be because we were once in your shoes too. That’s why we put together this guide to help make selecting the perfect fit for your furry friend easy as pie!

  1. Measure chest with measuring tape
  2. Measure neck with measuring tape
  3. Compare with Dog’s Weight to find right size
  4. Adjust the Harness as needed

How to Put on a Harness on a Small Dog

  • Step 1: Place harness over dog’s head from chest to tail.
  • Step 2: Adjust girth of harness over the dog’s chest, hips, and around their back.
  • Step 3: Bring the straps together under dog’s belly with one end on each side of their back.
  • Step 4: Thread one looped end of the straps through the other looped end on the opposite side then pull tight.
  • Step 5: Repeat for second strap.
  • Step 6: Double-check that the straps are even on both sides and adjust if necessary by swapping loops or tightening/loosening straps.
  • Step: Finish tightening the straps to ensure a snug fit.

Make sure your dog is comfortable and able to move around in their harness without difficulty before leaving them alone or engaging with them about it. Make adjustments as needed, then you will be ready for walks! Note that some dogs may take time getting used to wearing a harness for the first time, as it is a change from what they are used to. Just take your time and make sure everything fits properly before letting them go out for walks!

If you find that getting ready takes too long in general and want with another option other than harnesses, then consider using an Easy Walk Harness instead of traditional dog harnesses. You can find these at any or your local or online pet supply store.

Best Harnesses for Small Dogs

The best type of small dog harnesses are easy walk harnesses. Best for dogs that don’t like the feeling of wearing a dog harness, these harnesses have different materials and let you just loop them over your dog’s head. They’re still not as simple as a collar, but they’re more comfortable than other types.

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We’ve just touched the surface when it comes to choosing a harness vs collar for small dogs. Now that you know how to size your dog and put on their harness, make sure you pick out the best one for them! Don’t forget about safety too. If this sounds overwhelming or like something you don’t want to do yourself, let us help! Our team is ready and waiting to provide expert guidance in picking out the perfect pet products for your furry friend at any stage of life – from puppyhood through adulthood. Just click below now and we’ll be with you every step of the way as they grow up together!


How do I measure a small dog’s neck?

To find your pup's neck size, first you will need to take their height and weight into account. Once you have those two measurements, simply wrap the measuring tape around your pet's neck where it is broadest (usually right behind the ears). Make sure that there are no gaps between the tape and your dog's neck, but also that the measuring tape isn't choking them.

What is a good harness for my small dog breed?

For small dogs, we recommend that you look for the best harnesses for teacup dogs (or other tiny breeds) with specific features. If your dog is a French Bulldog or Chihuahua, then they will need something extra-durable in order to stand up to their tough exterior and brusque movements.

How do I put on a harness?

To properly figure out how to put on a dog harness, you will need to start by finding your pup's girth. Once you have that measurement, then follow the step-by-step instructions in our guide above and make sure both sides are even before leaving them alone or engaging with them about it.

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