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Best Dog Food for Small Breeds (with Sensitive Stomachs) [2022]

Dogs are meat-eaters, but most people can’t afford to supply them with a meat-only diet. So, the best option is to find the healthiest dog food available. Many dog foods add fillers, such as rice, corn, wheat, and gluten. These additives cause digestive issues. Dog foods also use meat by-products instead of meat. Your dog …

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Top 10 Best Dog Teepees & Tents (2022): A Buyer’s Guide

frenchie in teepee

It’s dog season! Are you looking for dog teepees? We have the best dog teepees, with all of the information that you need to find out more about them. Top Dog Teepees & Tents – Quick List Pickle & Polly – Small to Medium Dog Bed Teepee/Tent for Dogs & Cats JOUDOO Pet Teepee Tent …

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Top 10 Best Small Breed Dog Food (in 2022)

small dog puppies

If you have ever owned a small breed dog, you understand the amount of energy they can have, which can rival any large dog. With their higher metabolisms, a small breed dog requires a higher caloric intake while having a smaller appetite. To satisfy all a small breed dog’s nutritional needs, you need to find …

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Top 8 Best Dog Clippers for Small Dogs (2022)

dog getting groomed

Dog clippers are grooming tools used for clipping, or trimming, a dog’s coat. There are many different types of dog clippers available on the market today, but there are two basic types, shears, and scissors. The type of clipper you choose to use will depend on your pet’s breed and the type of coat that …

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Top 10 Grain Free Small Dog Food (2022)

small dog eating

Small breed dogs have different nutritional requirements compared to their larger counterparts. Because of their smaller size, small breed dogs have faster metabolisms, meaning that they need more calories per pound than larger dogs. Because smaller breeds consume smaller portions, their food is designed to contain a high number of calories and nutrients in small …

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Top 10 Best Dog Collars for Small Dogs (2022)

sleeping frenchie with collar

Do you own a small dog? Are you in the market for a dog collar that will help you keep the pet on a leash? Well, a lot of small dog owners are. However, going into the pet store or scrolling through a pet supply website to find the right product might prove a bit …

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Top 10 Best Dog Toys for Small Dogs (2022)

chihuahua playing with dog toy

Finding just the right toy for your smaller breed dog can be just as important a decision as selecting a comfortable bed for a smaller dog or choosing the best small breed dog food. But smaller breeds have special needs that bigger dogs don’t have, like the ability to only bite a smaller size than …

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Best Dog Food for Older Small Dogs with Fewer Teeth (or No Teeth)

older dog

Everyone wants their furever friend to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, this gets harder and harder as a dog gets older. One of the problems an owner has to deal with is the loss of teeth (and sometimes allergies) in older dogs. This can greatly affect the way they eat. If they’re unable to eat …

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Top 10 Best Small Kibble Dog Food (2022)

dog drinking milk

Finding the best small kibble dog food for your little furry friend takes effort, certainly, but the price, assortment, and convenience of dry food make it the best option for your consideration. So how do you start? Look for a brand that packs all your dog’s nutrition needs in a small portion. While your dog …

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