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What is a Bully Stick?

dog eating bully stick

What is a Bully Stick? A bully stick is a chew toy for dogs. It’s made from 100% beef, and it will keep your dog busy for hours! They are perfect for aggressive chewers because they are very durable. Bully sticks come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors to meet every type of dog’s needs. …

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Toothbrushes for Small Dogs: Ensuring a Healthy Canine Smile

Mia the Pintzu with a toothbrush

In a rush? Jump to the best toothbrushes for small dogs. The Importance of Dental Hygiene in Small Dogs Dental hygiene is crucial for all dogs, but 61% of dog owners do not regularly brush their dog’s teeth. Small dogs are more prone to dental diseases due to their compact jaw structure, which can lead …

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